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Masks – Necessity for now?

COVID-19 being an airborne disease, the transmission of the disease is either direct while coming in contact with virus loaded droplets or indirectly through fomites in the immediate environment surrounding the infected person. Hence the only measures that help to prevent transmission of the disease are by wearing masks, washing hands with soap or sanitizer, and best among all not to come in contact with susceptible individuals by social distancing.

Reconstructive Surgery

Fingertip injuries – How to take care?

The fingertips are the most exposed parts and are susceptible to injuries during various activities. Fingertip injuries are one of the most common injuries in the hand.

Reconstructive Surgery

Replantation – Procedure and Outcome

Replantation is a procedure by which a surgeon reattaches completely detached part of a
person’s body, finger, hand, arm or ear.

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